Sunday, 22 May 2011

Finally - the E-book

Yes, my e-book, Escape your profession and save your life, is now up and available on Smashwords.  Just click on . Escape your profession is written for those busy and stressed out professionals who feel trapped and really want to find a way to escape. Unfortunately for all professionals it is too easy to become trapped by your own success and competence at what you do. Relying on the good income that comes with a busy and successful professional life is part of the velvet handcuffs that tie you to your profession too.

However, you only get one shot at life and it is too short to spend all of it in the office working under great pressure and for long family-unfriendly hours. If you have dreamed of or ever thought of throwing it all in for something that is more satifsying and will give you a better lifestyle then Escape your profession and save your life was written with you in mind.  The book offers many suggestions, tips and ideas about how to plan and make that escape.

I never intended to write a book when I started escaping my profession about eight years ago but so many people have asked me over the years how I managed to do it that a book seemed like a good idea.  I am firmly convinced that one of the saddest sights in life is to see intelligent, well educated men and women, who are really good at what they do, who have convinced themselves that they can not do something different or change their circumstances.

You owe it to yourself and your family to make the most of your life and to live it joyously and to the full.

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