Thursday, 13 September 2012

Escape from a mental rut

Writing is a solitary occupation and it can be easy to get into a mental rut.  Sometimes it can happen without you really realising it.  The best way to escape and 'gee' yourself up again is to take a break and meet some people with similar interests to you, who are positive and achieving.  Last weekend I took the campervan and my favourite travelling companion and headed north.  No, not to Alaska (that song title shows my age) but to Whangarei in the north of New Zealand.  The Northland branch of the NZ Society of Authors (Pen Int) was running a weekend writing festival with many interesting workshops and guest authors.

A weekend spent in the company of a hundred or so keen writers over all genres was an invigorating experience that recharged the internal batteries. In my experience writers as a group are usually friendly and so the Northland writers proved to be. It was interesting to speak with writers, most of whom were not especially successful but who nevertheless had a passion for what they did and a positive outlook on their futures.  They all had work of some sort in progress and high hopes for publication and success.  Workshop presenters were informative and helpful and there were many 'light bulb' moments when something they said sparked an idea.

I returned home after the break feeling energised and ready to attack more writing. Even updating this blog after such a long time is evidence of something. Motto for the future is Escape frequently to find new inspiration!