Sunday, 15 May 2011

This almost writing life

It's the start of another week in the life of the full-time writer.  A storm threatens, coming straight from Antarctica according to the weather forecasters, and it seems a good day to closet one's self in the study and write.  However, instead the full-time writer manages to spend the morning mowing the lawns before the rain arrives, hanging out and later bringing in the day's laundry, washing the breakfast dishes and then preparing lunch for the return of the beloved wife.  Writing undertaken zilch - rise in 'domestic God' status stakes considerable.  Somehow I'm sure famous writers are just that - writers, not would be domestic Gods.  I'm doing something wrong.

It's not that I suffer from writer's block it is just that I have well-developed procrastination skills honed during a far too long legal career. Actually I suffer from being computer gun shy, if there is such a condition.  I am a reasonably competent word processor but ask me to move outside my basic comfit zone on the computer and I freeze.  Getting this blog to its current very basic state has been a life changing experience for a man in his 60s.  I now have to put the e-book up on Smashwords.  It is supposed to be idiot proof, if you follow the clear instructions they provide.

Unfortunately, I have that dark gut feeling of despair that comes from experience that tells me that somewhere in the process I will come across a step that is beyond my capabilities.  That is why there is such comfit in firing up the battered twenty year old lawnmower (do those Briggs & Stratton motors really run forever) and mowing the grass.  I can cope with the technology, even if the only way I can stop the damn thing is by knocking off the spark plug lead with a stick.  There is a fortune to be made by anyone who finds a way to solve computer problems by poking the VDU with a small stick!

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